Frozen Blood Orange Moscow Mules | Granita & Popsicles

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Summer is coming…it’s time to up your frozen cocktail game 



For the granita:


  • 6 limes
  • 1 blood orange
  • 2 bottles of ginger beer
  • your favorite vodka


In a bowl, combine the juice of 5 limes, the bottles of ginger beer, blood orange juice, and lime zest from half of the extra lime (you can use the other half for garnishing). Do not add the vodka or the granita will not freeze the way we want it to. Pour liquid onto a sheet pan and carefully place into the freezer. After about an hour, go in and break up the semi frozen mixture with a fork. Keep checking back every so often and repeating this action until you have a frozen slushy-esque situation. (see photo below)


Next, divide the granita into copper mugs and add a shot or two of vodka (depending on how strong you want it). The vodka will cause the granita to melt a bit and become the perfect drink consistency-an adult slushy! Garnish with extra lime zest and blood orange zest.



For the popsicles:

Combine the same ingredients and measurments as the granita recipe into a bowl. Add 4 oz. of vodka and a splash of beet juice if you want the popsicles to be a super vibrant color (totally optional). Divide mixture into popsicle molds. You can add blood orange slices for decoration, but this is optional. Freeze and enjoy!




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