When I say this recipe is life changing, I’m not being dramatic. It’s insanely good. Here’s what’s happening in the Dirty Mint Matcha:

Layer one: Creamy and invigorating matcha blended with fresh mint leaves

Layer two: Perfectly smooth cinnamon honey hemp milk

Layer three: a shot or two of bold espresso

Garnish: extra fresh mint


(pre stir)


(post stir)

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Cold-Pressed Juice X Cocktails

I love unwinding at happy hour with a cocktail just as much as the next person, but a lot of drinks you order while out on the town are loaded with sugar and empty calories. Switch things up: invite your friends over and break out the fruit basket and the juicer for happy hour at home. Not only will you know exactly what is going into your cocktail (all natural ingredients), but you will definitely be saving money. All of these drink recipes contain a combination of cold-pressed juices, real fruits, fresh herbs, and natural sweeteners to create deliciously fragrant and visually inviting beverages. If you want to get super fancy, I have also included some infused ice cube recipes to dress up any cocktail.



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Minty Green Juice

I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes wishes I could press the proverbial ‘reset’ button once Sunday rolls around and the weekend’s (often indulgent) festivities have subsided. If anything can help detox your body and point you back in the right direction, it’s this recipe for my favorite minty green juice. It’s tart, loaded with greens, and has a fresh minty finish. Just look at those green bubbles bursting with natural energy, don’t you feel more alive already!?


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Kale stem & cayenne juice

What can you do with all of those thick kale stems that don’t make their way into your kale salad? Juice them, of course! This kale stem juice is a perfect way to avoid waste while getting those irreplaceable nutrients from kale, finished with a kick of cayenne to get your bloodstream going and aid digestion. 


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