Vibrant Guide to Skin Health: How I Cleared My Cystic Acne


I’ve grappled with the idea of posting ‘before photos’ of my acne for a long time. It feels so personal/vulnerable/embarrassing…but then I have to ask myself: why do I feel ashamed? It’s not my fault that I struggled with cystic acne for so many years. Yet still, here I am, cringing a bit at the idea of putting these photos out there. I think it’s because, when you have become so used to hiding something for good chunk of your life, it never feels quite comfortable to expose it. I’ve decided that if I can help one person or give someone who feels helpless and hopeless, a bit of hope through posting these photos, then it’s worth it.

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Vibrant Guide: Photo Tips & Styling On a Budget

Hi friends!  Since it’s a new year and we’re all making changes, I figured I’d branch out and share something other than a recipe with you. I started Vibrant&Pure as a way to share the healthy food I was making, but it quickly evolved into more than that: a creative outlet where I could explore my passion to style and photograph food. Beyond just styling the food, I was able to  incorporate my love of interior decor while styling a set for a photoshoot or prop styling for a photo.

Now let’s discuss my other favorite thing to do: making things look as good as possible on a very tight budget. I know what you’re thinking: “a budget? but don’t food stylist/photographers rake in the cash?” Unfortunately, no. We all need to save money where we can and styling is no exception. A while back I posted a photo of my (TINY) back patio, I don’t even know if you can actually call it a patio, it’s about the size of an elevator, but ANYWAYS, I styled it for a magazine shoot and wanted to make it look as warm and welcoming as possible. A few people asked me to write a post on how I styled it/where I purchased everything, and here we are (about a year later…but hey, we’re still here).

SO, below I am going to give you a bunch of tips on how to create a beautiful food photo, from the styling to the photography; plus all my favorite resources for styling on a budget.




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