Vibrant Guide to Skin Health: Meal Prep


As I’ve mentioned now a time or two, I used to struggle with hormonal cystic acne. Now, to say it 100% in past tense wouldn’t be entirely accurate, as I’m still ever evolving, and experimenting with different foods and activities that can make my skin condition fluctuate. So, while my skin is for the most part healed, I will still get one or two breakouts every now and then. This happens like clock work after a weekend ((like this past weekend, for me) of one too many cocktails, sugary indulgences and french fries, but, guess what? I’m okay with that. It’s called LIVING LIFE my friends. You can’t ‘eat clean’ and live a perfect healthy lifestyle all the time, you’ve gotta liveeee a little (I mean, actually YOU can do whatever YOU want and makes YOU feel your best, but this is how I feel and what I need sometimes to stay sane). Anyways, when this happens, I don’t panic…I know what my skin needs to bounce back as quickly as possible and get back to glowing healthy status. Enter: skin health meal prep…


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Vibrant Guide to Skin Health: How I Cleared My Cystic Acne


I’ve grappled with the idea of posting ‘before photos’ of my acne for a long time. It feels so personal/vulnerable/embarrassing…but then I have to ask myself: why do I feel ashamed? It’s not my fault that I struggled with cystic acne for so many years. Yet still, here I am, cringing a bit at the idea of putting these photos out there. I think it’s because, when you have become so used to hiding something for good chunk of your life, it never feels quite comfortable to expose it. I’ve decided that if I can help one person or give someone who feels helpless and hopeless, a bit of hope through posting these photos, then it’s worth it.

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Vibrant Guide: Photo Tips & Styling On a Budget

Hi friends!  Since it’s a new year and we’re all making changes, I figured I’d branch out and share something other than a recipe with you. I started Vibrant&Pure as a way to share the healthy food I was making, but it quickly evolved into more than that: a creative outlet where I could explore my passion to style and photograph food. Beyond just styling the food, I was able to  incorporate my love of interior decor while styling a set for a photoshoot or prop styling for a photo.

Now let’s discuss my other favorite thing to do: making things look as good as possible on a very tight budget. I know what you’re thinking: “a budget? but don’t food stylist/photographers rake in the cash?” Unfortunately, no. We all need to save money where we can and styling is no exception. A while back I posted a photo of my (TINY) back patio, I don’t even know if you can actually call it a patio, it’s about the size of an elevator, but ANYWAYS, I styled it for a magazine shoot and wanted to make it look as warm and welcoming as possible. A few people asked me to write a post on how I styled it/where I purchased everything, and here we are (about a year later…but hey, we’re still here).

SO, below I am going to give you a bunch of tips on how to create a beautiful food photo, from the styling to the photography; plus all my favorite resources for styling on a budget.




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