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Collagen Pancakes


How have I waited this long to try the whole “3 ingredient” pancake thing? I feel like I’ve been doing it all wrong thus far. For a while, I had a bit of sensitivity to bananas so I avoided these kinds of recipes, but after reintroducing them and feeling a-okay, I decided to give banana pancakes a shot. I used the classic recipe combo of banana, oats and egg, (I subbed egg whites since egg yolks trigger my hormonal acne) and I added some collagen peptides- these were ridiculously good. Recipe below:

Okay- here’s how you make them:




Mash the banana with a fork until creamy, then add egg whites or eggs and mix thoroughly. Next, add oat flour, cinnamon, sea salt, and collagen peptides and mix until you have a fully combined batter. Grease your frying pan with a bit of ghee butter on low to medium heat (I used fourth & heart’s vanilla bean ghee, which definitely makes them that much more amazing, but any will do). I always start off with the pan too hot and burn my first batch of pancakes, but I think I’ve finally learned my lesson…lower heat and patience is key.

Add a scoop of batter to the pan, wait till you see bubbles, and flip. I made two fairly large pancakes at a time, and ended up with 6 total. Top with whatever you’re feeling- berries, mint, figs, almond butter drizzle, maple syrup, tahini, LITERALLY ANYTHING. Enjoy.