Kabocha Squash Mac & Cheese

You asked, I delivered. The mac & cheese (that’s not really mac & cheese at all…) recipe is here!


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Almond Butter Blondies

It’s the new year, my friends, and I for one am excited to refocus and reenergize myself. I ┬ádecided to create a recipe that feels like a decadent dessert, but is actually grain-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free, and packed with superfoods+ protein for the perfect grab and go treat. I developed the recipe for these almond butter blondies (with dark chocolate chips & chopped walnuts!) using Orgain Organic Superfood Protein. I used the vanilla bean flavor and found that it lended itself perfectly to this blondie recipe. These literally take 10 minutes to make and you don’t even have to bake them. You will not regret whipping up a batch….


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Matcha Latte

In the past, I certainly didn’t hide the fact that matcha was just not my thing. I’d try it here and there and just could not get behind it. I wasn’t head over heels for the taste, and I always found it to be pretty chalky and lack luster. Well, guess what? You’re now looking at a converted matcha lover (I know you’re not actually looking at me, but just roll with it…)

Here’s what i’ve realized are the two most important factors to enjoying matcha:

  1. good. quality. matcha. (game changer)
  2. How you prepare it

Keep reading to get my favorite matcha recipe.

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Vibrant Guide: St. Pete, FL


Hi friends. Welcome to my very first ‘Vibrant Guide’!

Here’s a little back story: My boyfriend is in his final year of medical school, therefore we have been and will continue to be traveling all over the country this year, so that he can audition at different hospitals. What I love about this, is getting to actually live in a new place for a month or so and truly get a feel for the area. We most recently spent the past two months in St. Petersburg, FL. I’ve decided to start creating Vibrant Guides aka a run down of all the places both vibrant (and pure) that you should check out should you ever find yourself in the area. Here we go!

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Grapefruit Avocado Basil Bruschetta

As I previously mentioned on Instagram, it’s certainly reaching to dub this appetizer ‘bruschetta’, but it just sounds nicer than calling it “a bunch of ingredients cut up and plopped onto a cracker”, you know? So, here we are: grapefruit avocado basil bruschetta. I developed this recipe in partnership with Truly Spiked & Sparkling, as I love their grapefruit & pomelo flavor and wanted to create an appetizer that complements it perfectly, and oh boy, this does.


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Skin Health Meal Prep


As I’ve mentioned now a time or two, I used to struggle with hormonal cystic acne. Now, to say it 100% in past tense wouldn’t be entirely accurate, as I’m still ever evolving, and experimenting with different foods and activities that can make my skin condition fluctuate. So, while my skin is for the most part healed, I will still get one or two breakouts every now and then. This happens like clock work after a weekend ((like this past weekend, for me) of one too many cocktails, sugary indulgences and french fries, but, guess what? I’m okay with that. It’s called LIVING LIFE my friends. You can’t ‘eat clean’ and live a perfect healthy lifestyle all the time, you’ve gotta liveeee a little (I mean, actually YOU can do whatever YOU want and makes YOU feel your best, but this is how I feel and what I need sometimes to stay sane). Anyways, when this happens, I don’t panic…I know what my skin needs to bounce back as quickly as possible and get back to glowing healthy status. Enter: skin health meal prep…


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Majik Mermaid Bites

I’ve been trying to really cut back on my sugar intake lately, so I wanted to create a high fat treat that has almost no sweetener, but is still super decadent and keeps me satisfied. Enter: majik mermaid bites. These little nuggets of joy remind me of the ocean, they’ve got blue and green hues that come from blue majik and spirulina (hence the name!). They’re loaded with healthy fats from coconut, walnut, and MCT oil; plus lots of fiber from hemp and chia seeds. This recipe is super adaptable and easy to make, find it below:


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