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Whenever I’ve talked to you about my personal experience with getting rid of acne and healing my skin– I’ve often mentioned using a skin log. What is a skin log? Well, up until I created this handy template, it was simply a place (like the notes section of my phone) where I jotted down any changes in my life that could end up having an effect on my skin. This could be related to food and diet, skincare, supplements, lifestyle and environmental changes etc. I’d always add the date as well, and take photos along the way to track progress. This way, I could say, “Hmm my skin has been breaking out a lot more than usual this week, and I was showing so much improvement last week, I wonder what’s going on?” and then look  back through my log and see that I started taking a new supplement, or switched toothpastes, or was eating a lot of sugary foods– make the connection, and adjust.

It may sound like a lot– but it really helped me keep track of everything and get in tune with my body and its healing process. When you are making so many lifestyle changes, it is important to document it, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

In case you haven’t read my whole acne healing story, click here. The major takeaways are that I completely shifted my diet away from a processed standard american diet and added in nourishing whole foods while cutting cut out gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. I continue experimenting all the time and I still log the changes I’m making.

photos range from 2015 to present day


I’ve created this skin log & tracker for you to fill out each week. I hope that it will inspire you to become your own health advocate and investigator– and know that you have the ability to make changes and heal your skin from the inside out the way I was able to. Feel free to click the downloaded PDF and print it, then fill it in each week– OR you can keep it digital, and download the excel template. I’ve included an example of a filled in tracker below as well.





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  1. How can I clear my acne please tell me what should I eat or not.i am consulting with dermatologist but she said it will take 5 to 6 month to clear my skin .but still I didn’t see any change .

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