Vanilla Bean Bulletproof Latte

Okay, folks, the time has come: Vanilla bean bulletproof cold brew latte recipe is here (that’s way too many words, I know…but I promise the recipe isn’t as complicated as the name).

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Everything Fries & ‘Ranch’

Here’s the deal: dipping fries in ranch is one of the best things about being alive, and if you disagree, well, you’re entitled to your opinion (but it’s the wrong opinion).

All jokes aside, (even though I wasn’t kidding), here is a version of fries & ranch that isn’t full of a bunch of crap you don’t need in your body. Sweet potato fries sprinkled with everything seasoning, and some healthier ranch dressing.


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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough For Breakfast


This reminds me of a 90’s cookie crisp commercial, ‘COOKIES?!…..FOR….BREAKFAST!?!????!!!!!’ You know the one. Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a craving for something sweet as soon as I wake.  When I was little, this involved pouring a bowl of rice crispies, exhibiting parkour like skills and scaling the kitchen counters to retrieve the sugar bowl, pouring sickening amounts of white sugar on my cereal, and topping it all off with a healthy squeeze of chocolate syrup (my parents did not sign off on this, FYI, I was a sugar fiend/rebel that could not be stopped by anyone). Now, since I’m just a tad more health conscious, I’ve created this raw, refined sugar free, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, grain free (EVERYTHING FREE) chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.

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