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To say my fridge always looks like this would be a big old lie; here’s the truth: organization has never been my strong suit. In saying that, I want to shift gears and explain that even if something has never been your “strong suit” you can make it as strong as you’d like, you just have to make the effort. We often pigeon hole ourselves and define who we are based on long practiced habits- but guess what? They’re just habits and all habits can be changed. We can always change the status quo and decide to do whatever we want to do or be whoever we want to be through intention. I make the effort every day to try to be more organized, I’ll research organizational blogs or pick up little tips from my peers and adopt them- it’s always a work in progress.

Okay, enough about my habits. The point is: I’ve finally organized my fridge and gotten to a place where I’m better equipped to keep it that way. I will share with you some organizational tips, plus the items I always have on hand.


  • Have less stuff.
    • Another effort I’ve been making lately is simply to have less. Less clothes, less food in fridge, less clutter, LESS STUFF. I cannot tell you how much peace of mind it brings me when my refrigerator isn’t filled to the brim with stuff. It’s so much easier to keep organized when there isn’t as much there. I now like to get the bare minimum/essentials and replenish as needed. This also helps to avoid wasting any produce.
  • Invest in glass jars
    • So, I bought a 12 pack of glass jars (very inexpensive, by the way) and it has transformed my fridge. They’re not only a space saver, but I can now see what everything is; it’s out in the open, and I’m more inclined to reach for it when I’m hungry. For example, I used to have arugula and spinach in plastic bags stuffed in bins, I would never see them and sometimes forget about them. Now, they’re in jars, out in the open, and stay fresh way longer.
  • Have some designated sections
    • Create a few sections in the fridge so that you know where an items goes and can put it back neatly. This one is pretty basic, but a life saver.


  • Leafy greens
    • I like curly kale for salads, spinach for smoothies, tuscan kale for juicing (just easier to put in the juicer), collard greens for wraps, arugula for EVERYTHING.
  • Cucumbers
    • I have a cucumber obsession. I always have a few english cucumbers on hand for juicing or salads, and persian cucumbers for snacking or salads
  • Lemons & Limes
    • I always have lemons and limes on hand (I’ve also found putting them out in a bowl makes them easier to grab and use). I constantly use limes for cooking, and lemons for juicing, smoothies and to put in my water
  • Pickles/Kraut
    • I’m a pickle/kraut addict. I’ve always got jars of something pickled and fermented on hand. Hot pink picked onions add a pop of color and flavor to any dish, and probiotic rich smoked jalapeño kraut is perfect on anything, to be honest.
  • Carrots
    • I always have carrots on hand for salads and snacking. I just love carrots, there’s no other explanation
  • Kombucha
    • Having kombucha is such a treat, my boyfriend and I share one everyday and I just love all of the flavors and options out there now.
  • Avocados
    • duh
  • Herbs
    • I like to always have cilantro, parsley and mint. They’re best stored in a glass of water (as pictured), think of them as little bouquets of flowers.
  • Fresh berries, citrus, seasonal fruit
    • I love to have fresh berries on hand, grapefruits, and any seasonal fruit. Right now I’ve been having a lot of mangos and peaches.
  • Condiments
    • Dijon mustard, fish sauce, sriracha, thai chili paste, Veganaise (just because I have an egg yolk sensitivity). I love to make my own salad dressings, marinades and sauces, so these are always good to have on hand.

What else is in there?

Leftovers, some ghee butter, fermented cod liver capsules (good for acne prone skin!), hemp oil (I use it to wash my face…or in a salad dressing), beets, paleo granola, nuts, ginger, turmeric, dates, peppers, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, sprouts, jalapeños, green apples. You’ll also often find a bottle of rosé or some random IPAs, because life is to be enjoyed and balance is key!

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