A Love Letter To Coffee | Cold Brew Method + Hazelnut Milk Recipe + Lavender Honey Syrup

About a year ago, I embarked on a journey which led to very serious relationship; I’m talking about my relationship (ahem, love affair) with cold brew coffee, and the journey of which I speak is creating cold brew at home. I realize that I sound a bit dramatic, but let’s be honest-coffee is of the utmost importance. Cold brew coffee is practically everywhere you look now, it is super trendy and sounds like something that would require you to possess a serious set of barista skills, an intricate coffee know-how, and maybe even a man-bun, suspenders and horn rimmed glasses (just sayin’) BUT, this is most certainly not the case. I am here to tell you first hand: cold brew coffee is literally the easiest method of coffee making I’ve ever come across (literally).  My boyfriend and I cannot live without our cold brew now, and to be honest I can’t really remember life before it. Not only is it the perfect way to stay caffeinated and cooled off in the warmer months, but the method of cold brewing results in less acidic and smoother tasting coffee (a win win, if you ask me).  The coffee is delicious on it’s own, but sometimes I like to dress it up with some homemade hazelnut milk and lavender honey. Below you will find recipes for the perfect cold brew coffee, hazelnut milk, and lavender honey.


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Toast Extravaganza

I love creating colorful toast and partaking in an act which I have dubbed a ‘toast extravaganza’. This is not your everyday avocado toast, but rather for those days when you want to kick things up a notch. 

For more toast inspiration and the recipe for grain-free bread, click here! 


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Mini Dark Chocolate Chip scones


This recipe was the result of some grain-free cookie recipe testing gone awry. While I didn’t get the initial texture I was aiming for, I got an amazingly soft yet dense cake-like scone texture- and voila, grain-free mini scones were born. I love eating these for breakfast (or any other time of day, to be honest), they are entirely grain and dairy free,  light and cakey; and with perfect melty dark chocolate chips, how can you go wrong?

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An Ode to toast: Toast inspiration, recipes and more


If you’ve ever visited my Instagram, you may have noticed I have quite an affinity for toast- extravagant and colorful toasts at that. I tend to do things a bit over the top; I want all of the colors, all of the textures, and all of the flavors. Although these toasts look somewhat elaborate, they are in fact rather simple to come up with. All you need is some leftovers and a little spark of creativity.


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Lemon poppy seed donuts (grain-free/dairy-free)

When the flavor of a tart and moist lemon poppy seed baked good collides with that of a cake donut, a circular miracle happens. I bring you lemon poppy seed cake donuts. These donuts are grain-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, nut-free, and baked (I know what you’re thinking, ‘what aren’t they free of’?) Well, they are not free of flavor. Find this delicious recipe below:


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