Iced Rosewater Matcha Lemonade

Ohhhhh my. I honestly thought I couldn’t beat the milky perfection that is my daily matcha latte , but then I ran out of milk and was still eager for my matcha fix, so I set out on a journey to make a matcha ‘americano’ aka matcha with more water instead of milk.


The idea of a plain old watery matcha didn’t really get me going TBH. I decided some lemon would be nice, then in true form, I decided that wasn’t enough so I had to add in some fancy rosewater. I add a touch of raw honey to balance out the tartness of the lemon and the earthiness of the matcha. After pouring this deep green elixir over ice and taking a sip- I knew I had created something that would be in my beverage rotation for a long long time.

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Lemon Green Smoothie

I’m a big fan of cold pressed green juices, but sometimes I want to get my fiber in along with the goodness of greens.

Lately I’ve been making this giant blended green smoothie in the morning and it gives me such good energy. The trick I’ve found to cutting the intense and often bitter flavor of greens like kale and spinach, is to add a whole lemon- skin and all. The tartness of the lemon takes away all the bite of the greens, in my opinion- another random and welcomed side effect I’ve noticed is that the lemon skin in the smoothie makes your mouth feel super fresh and clean.


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How I Edit + Favorite Photo Editing Apps

I think photo editing would have to be included in my top 10 favorite things to do in the world. I love the opportunity that each new photo brings for experimentation with color, light, texture, and general vibes. I wrote a post a few years back about styling + editing tips, but I think at the point I was only using Instagram’s editing features and I have a lot more tools and tips in my arsenal now.


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Vibrant Guide: France + Italy + Spain

Hello, my friends! I recently went on a pretty magical trip across France, Italy & Spain. I got a few messages requesting links to the apartments I rented/food recommendations etc., so I figured I’d write it all up in one place.

I spent the most time in Italy, followed by France, and sadly only had two nights in Barcelona, but I will still let you know all of the places I enjoyed during my short visit.

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