Unicorn Toast

Let’s Talk About Unicorn Toast.


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Photo Tips & Styling On a Budget

Hi friends!  Since it’s a new year and we’re all making changes, I figured I’d branch out and share something other than a recipe with you. I started Vibrant&Pure as a way to share the healthy food I was making, but it quickly evolved into more than that: a creative outlet where I could explore my passion to style and photograph food. Beyond just styling the food, I was able to  incorporate my love of interior decor while styling a set for a photoshoot or prop styling for a photo.

Now let’s discuss my other favorite thing to do: making things look as good as possible on a very tight budget. I know what you’re thinking: “a budget? but don’t food stylist/photographers rake in the cash?” Unfortunately, no. We all need to save money where we can and styling is no exception. A while back I posted a photo of my (TINY) back patio, I don’t even know if you can actually call it a patio, it’s about the size of an elevator, but ANYWAYS, I styled it for a magazine shoot and wanted to make it look as warm and welcoming as possible. A few people asked me to write a post on how I styled it/where I purchased everything, and here we are (about a year later…but hey, we’re still here).

SO, below I am going to give you a bunch of tips on how to create a beautiful food photo, from the styling to the photography; plus all my favorite resources for styling on a budget.




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Lentil Burgers

These lentil burgers are so delicious and versatile, they have quickly become a staple in my home (my boyfriend begs me to make them every single week). So versatile, in fact, that these ‘burgers’ don’t have to be eaten like a burger at all. I often simply throw them in a salad or break them up into pieces mimicking a meatball of sorts. They’re a great form of plant based protein, and perfect for meal prep. Make ahead and store them in the fridge for lunches all week! 



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Delicata Squash Taco Bowls

I’ve teamed up with Simply Organic this week for a little fall twist on #tacotuesday with these chipotle delicata squash taco bowls. I invited everyone over for a little DIY taco bowl action. My friends and I are still digesting the abundance of Thanksgiving, so a lighter and more nourishing bowl of taco inspired flavors just felt right. I am obsessed with chipotle seasoned everything (in case it wasn’t obvious).  I honestly throw this Simply Organic ground chipotle on everything, it has the perfect blend of smokiness and heat, and whenever I’m at a loss cooking wise, I sprinkle some of this magic in the mix, and I can rest assured I’m going to end up with something satisfying. 


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Roasted Chipotle Cauliflower Tacos W/ Sriracha Lime Mayo

Whether it’s meat free Monday, or you just want to switch things up from your typical taco experience, these chipotle cauliflower tacos are going to make your next #tacotuesday a memorable one. They sound super weird at first (cauliflower? in my taco? cue some grossed out faces), but I promise you this: everyone (carnivores and plant eaters alike) will enjoy these. Not to mention, these tacos are a great way to sneak in some vegetables for the picky eaters in your life. They are extremely simple to whip up, and you can dress them up with many a topping. Check out the recipe below!



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